Our Mission

To move people toward loving, understanding, tolerance, helping and establishing
peace and tranquility in our neighborhoods.

Our Causes

You can help lots of people by donating a little. See our causes.
Community Gatherings

Community Gatherings

We bring our neighborhoods together by organizing community gatherings to allow neighbors to get to know each other by breaking bread and having fun together.

Neighbor Visits

Neighbor Visits

We organize coffee visits among neighbors that helps bring our communities together. By visiting each others homes we extend our sense of community.

Community Service

Community Service

Nothing brings people together like working toward a common cause together, shoulder to shoulder. Building a conscience community starts with serving our communities.


How you can help

Numbers of Neighborhoods

Our goal is to have our movement spread across the neighborhoods of America.

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Number of Volunteers

Our volunteers are our most valuable resource in making bring our nation together.

Numbers of Handshakes

The amount of hand shakes and hugs we can produce will indicate how close we are in bringing our communities together.

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Where the
money goes

Current operation and program
spending breakdown

Educational Programs10
Community Gatherings25
Community Service25

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